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Wild Birds

Welcome to Grandma's Backyard

When you’re greeted by the reverberation of a chattering creek and the cheerful songs of wild birds, you can be sure you are near Pet Expo’s Grandma’s Backyard, Southern Minnesota's foremost wild bird center!

Grandma’s Backyard has the finest selection of top-quality bird feeders, wildlife feeders, birdseed and more! Whether you’re attracting vibrant finches, dynamic hummingbirds, cardinals, orioles, turkeys or deer, Grandma’s Backyard has what you need at unbeatable pricing!

Over 15 bulk seed varieties including these local favorites:

  • Premium Goldfinch
  • Woodland Nut Medley
  • Nut & Berry
  • Cardinal Delight
  • Patio Blend
  • Mixed Nuts

Purple martin supplies, butterfly feeders, bat housing and squirrel feeders, if you want to attract them, we’ll be sure to have what you want! Our staff has over 50 years combined experience to help you with all your birding needs!

At Pet Expo our most distinctive quality is our employees! We work hard to be the experts on the latest products in the industry. Training is broad and never ending. Here you will be assisted by the most elite team you will find anywhere! Our experienced staff is here to assist you and your pet 7 days a week!