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Our rabbits are simply adorable! All but a few are born right here on site, and gently handled everyday! Pet Expo is a certified breeder of rabbits by the USDA. It seems our rabbits simply love to be held and would like nothing more than to become part of your family! Rabbits are becoming increasingly popular indoor pets. One reason for this trend is their ability to be litter box trained and their ability to learn commands, names and a bunch of other fun tricks!!

Remember, with all herbivores hay is extremely important addition to their diet. Herbivores rely on bacteria to digest their food. Hay aids in this digestion. Hay also provides roughage which will help in the elimination of hair balls. What are the differences in hay? Orchard grass, timothy, sweet grass and other types of hay travel through the digestive tract differently. It is a good idea to offer a variety of these hay types. Alfalfa is actually not hay but a legume. It should be used as treats or for nursing or young rabbits.

An indoor rabbit can live from 5-10 years. Rabbits are social, playful and love interaction with people! Just make sure to “Rabbit Proof” your house or your power cords may become victim to a curious nibble!