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Pet Expo Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs

We hope you enjoy the serenade of happy squeaks and squeals as you stop to notice our quality guinea pigs of every variety! Those sounds we mentioned are one reason for the name guinea pig, which are actually not pigs at all but a medium-sized rodent originally found in the Andes Mountains. Our cavies, or guinea pigs as we call them, are born in-house from our quality herds established years ago. We produce numbers of beautiful varieties of guinea pigs including the curly haired rex, the elegant Peruvian, the magnificent Abyssinian - with its many rosettes, and the ever elusive “skinny pig” not having much hair at all. Of course we love our short-haired Americans, and roan guinea pigs are always a favorite. We are a certified breeder of guinea pigs by the USDA. 

Guinea pigs are great pets but don’t forget the vitamin C! Guinea pigs, like humans, cannot produce vitamin C themselves and must get a supply of vitamin C daily through their diet. Ask about our stabilized vitamin C supplements to ensure your pet stays healthy!