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Dog and Cat

Welcome to Pet Expo's Nutrition Center!

Discover Southern Minnesota’s Largest Selection of Premium Dog and Cat Foods, Treats and Supplies!

Our friendly employees in our Nutrition Center will start your puppy or kitten on the course of healthy eating, while our selection of Senior and Low-energy foods will keep your pet happy and healthy through all life-stages!


Premium treats and biscuits add herbs and other supplements to add health benefits for your dog. Supplements such as fatty acids can help the skin and coat become soft and bright! Herbs such as mint and parsley are added to combat bad breath, and garlic is considered to help repel fleas when eaten. Some treats have supplements that can help with arthritis and joint problems, while others can help calm a dog that is scared of the vet or thunderstorms.

Training treats are excellent to use for training puppies. A puppy can be rewarded with a treat when it has done something right like going to the bathroom outside. Training treats can also be used very successfully for teaching commands. Putting treats in special toy dispensers are great ways to keep dogs occupied. Occupied dogs are less likely to develop bad behaviors like scratching, chewing furniture, or excessive barking. A great benefit to the owner for sure!

The knowledgeable staff of Pet Expo are well trained in dog treats and rawhide and are always happy to assist you with any questions you may have.


Crate training a puppy is the best way to housebreak and train any new puppy. A crate becomes a puppy's den, a place of security, so don't think of a crate as a "cage." Pet Expo provides a multitude of crates in many sizes and colors. We carry plastic crates or wire crates and will be happy to assist you!

Dog Chew Toys

Dog chews are available in a variety of sizes and textures. Glance through our aisles for loads of options! Most dogs like to chew different items and giving dogs many types of chew toys, made of different materials, keeps them from getting bored. Pick toys that suit the size of your pet. There are many toys available that help your dogs teeth and gums. Nylabones, rope bones, dental rings, dental ridged toys, and toys with small bumps are great choices that help keep teeth and gums healthier. Give these to your dog and use them to play various interactive games! Plenty of great edible products are now available to keep teeth cleaner too. Most can be used as a treat that dogs love to eat - with the extra benefit of cleaner teeth! Chew toys offer a stimulating workout for the body and the mind of your pet!

Of course we have plenty for your feline companions as well. You will come across stacks of litter pans, loads of scratching posts and rows of kitty nutrition! Not to mention the toys!! Too many choices to name; you'll have to see it to believe it!

At Pet Expo our most distinctive quality is our employees! We work hard to be the experts on the latest products in the industry. Training is broad and never ending. Here you will be assisted by the most elite team you will find anywhere! Our experienced staff is here to assist you and your pet 7 days a week!

We can't wait for your next visit! Don't forget to bring your 4-legged companions! Leashed cats and dogs are always welcome!