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African Cichlids at Pet Expo

African Cichlids

Our favorites! Don’t overlook these freshwater jewels! Strikingly beautiful as adults with eye-popping blues, reds and yellows. Make sure you spend some time with our expanding supply of these little beauties! African cichlids generally come from rift lakes in Africa. These are very large lakes, barren and filled with rock piles. Many of these fish are grazers feeding off algae forming on the rocks. Several have specialized diets and do best when fed a spiralina based fish food. They are a territorial fish, so be sure to include rock piles and other structure in your décor. It is best to get all your fish when they are still young and growing, so they can grow up together and form these territories collectively. Adding new fish to an established community could mean a death sentence for the new additions! They prefer higher pH and hard water. These fish are easy to breed and many are mouth brooders – very cool parenting technique! Check it out!