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Aquatic Cove entrance

Aquatic Cove

Welcome to Pet Expo's Aquatic Cove

The gentle movement of brightly colored fish, the sound of moving water, rising bubbles gliding upward to the surface – it is easy to see why the hobby of fish keeping is still growing strong!

Whether it be as simple as a goldfish bowl on a child’s night stand, or as complex as a massive saltwater reef tank, the art of fish keeping can be as challenging or relaxing as you want it to be - but will always be rewarding!

Pet Expo’s aquatic cove takes you under the sea to uncover a plethora of colorful freshwater and saltwater fish, bustling invertebrates and hearty amphibians for beginners and experienced hobbyists alike! Gaze upon pristine tanks bursting with healthy and happy aquatic life ready to take home! Fix your eyes on stunning planted tanks, and beautiful themed tanks.

Let one of our trained staff members walk you through the trouble-free steps of aquarium maintenance. From setting up your new tank, to maintaining an established tank, Pet Expo’s Aquatic cove has what you need from start to finish!