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Small Animals


As you approach our extensive Small Animal Department, you will be greeted by furry friends in vast open pits, canaries singing their hearts out and reptiles almost smiling at you!



Please meet our small animal friends!

Our rabbits are simply adorable! All but a few are born right here on site, and gently handled everyday! Pet Expo is a certified breeder of rabbits by the USDA. It seems our rabbits simply love to be held and would like nothing more than to become part of your family! Rabbits are becoming increasingly popular indoor pets. One reason for this trend is their ability to be litter box trained and their ability to learn commands, names and a bunch of other fun tricks!!


Remember, with all herbivores hay is extremely important addition to their diet. Herbivores rely on bacteria to digest their food. Hay aids in this digestion. Hay also provides roughage which will help in the elimination of hair balls. What are the differences in hay? Orchard grass, timothy, sweet grass and other types of hay travel through the digestive tract differently. It is a good idea to offer a variety of these hay types. Alfalfa is actually not hay but a legume. It should be used as treats or for nursing or young rabbits.
An indoor rabbit can live from 5-10 years. Rabbits are social, playful and love interaction with people! Just make sure to “Rabbit Proof” your house or your power cords may become victim to a curious nibble!




Hamsters are popular and still a great choice for beginners. Hamsters come in 2 sizes, full-sized hamsters which grow to 6 inches in length and dwarf hamsters which grow to 3 inches in length. Hamsters live to be 2-3 years old and differ in coat length and color. Some popular choices of hamsters offered at Pet Expo include the tiny Roborovski dwarf, the color-changing Winter White dwarf, the vibrant, multicolored Siberian dwarf, and Fancy hamsters including the sleek Black Bear hamster, the stunning Panda Bear hamster, the Umbrous hamster, and the beautiful Tri-colored hamster. Our hamsters are born in-house or locally bred. Pet Expo is proudly certified as a breeder of quality pet hamsters by the Minnesota USDA!



Many small animals are nocturnal, meaning they are mostly active at night. Gerbils are curious by nature, active during the day, and love to run through even the most ornate tube maze you can create. Gerbils are social and would love to be housed with others from its family. However buy them from the same cage at the same time or your newly acquired pets may fight being rivals instead of friends! Gerbils are chewers so make sure to provide them with ample chew sticks. Like with hamsters, our gerbils are born in-house or locally bred and Pet Expo is proudly certified as a breeder of quality pet gerbils by the Minnesota USDA!


Guinea pigs
We hope you enjoy the serenade of happy squeaks and squeals as you stop to notice our quality guinea pigs of every variety! Those sounds we mentioned are one reason for the name guinea pig, which are actually not pigs at all but a medium-sized rodent originally found in the Andes Mountains. Our cavies, or guinea pigs as we call them, are born in-house from our quality herds established years ago. We produce numbers of beautiful varieties of guinea pigs including the curly haired rex, the elegant Peruvian, the magnificent Abyssinian - with its many rosettes, and the ever elusive “skinny pig” not having much hair at all. Of course we love our short-haired Americans, and roan guinea pigs are always a favorite. We are a certified breeder of guinea pigs by the USDA.
Guinea pigs are great pets but don’t forget the vitamin C! Guinea pigs, like humans, cannot produce vitamin C themselves and must get a supply of vitamin C daily through their diet. Ask about our stabilized vitamin C supplements to ensure your pet stays healthy!


Not all of our furry friends are quite as common as hamsters and mice. For those looking to add something a little more intriguing to their family, Pet Expo offers such animals as the African pygmy Hedgehog, the sugar glider, the spiny mouse and the African soft-furred rat. All of which are bred right here at the store and as always Pet Expo is a proud breeder certified by the USDA to be a standard of quality! Of course you will find mischievous ferrets and playful chinchillas ready to welcome you too! Stop in today and enjoy the sounds and sights of our small animal department!


Pet Expo boasts the largest and most diverse collection of reptiles and invertebrates in Southern Minnesota, with a whole host of individual habitats displaying everything from tortoises and lizards, to snakes, crabs, scorpions and tarantulas. We are proud of our vast assortment of captive bred reptiles, many of which are born right here in our store! Our knowledgeable staff is always here to guide you whether you are a lifelong “herper” or just getting your scales wet!


Our flock of feathered friends can’t be beat! With birds ranging from the elegant diamond dove to the vociferous cockatiels, finches to conures you may just lose yourself in the sights and sounds of our fantastic avian collection.


You may detect a few “cat calls” coming from our collection of fancy cockatiels but don’t be alarmed. Cockatiels are best known for their ability to discover whistles, mimic phone rings, and learn long melodies. Cockatiels come in many new color combinations and live to be 7-12 years of age, although some have been known to live as long as 30 years! They make excellent pets, they are gentle and timid, and love the company you or another ‘tiel' would provide!


In the middle of the department you will discover an open display of vibrant color and animated chatter coming from the parakeet pit. It will be easy to see why the captivating little “budgie” has become the most popular pet bird in the world! Parakeets can easily become finger tame, learn countless words and phrases, and be taught extensive tricks. Living past 10 years of age in many cases, a parakeet will have plenty of time to capture your heart and discover its place atop your family!


Finches, Diamond Doves, and Canaries

With their small size and soft tones, finches, diamond doves and canaries make excellent pets in the home or apartment. They come in a myriad of colors and in the case of “red and yellow factor” canaries, can be fed color enhancing foods! These active beauties love to fly so look for cages with plenty of horizontal space. Naturally energetic, finches, canaries, and diamond doves love toys as much as the big boys, and when given straw nests you may be rewarded with tiny peeps coming from your cage! Fun, energetic and small in stature, finches, canaries, and diamond doves are forever a great choice for family entertainment!


At Pet Expo our most distinctive quality is our employees! We work hard to be the experts on the latest products in the industry. Training is broad and never ending. Here you will be assisted by the most elite team you will find anywhere! Our experienced staff is here to assist you and your pet 7 days a week!